• Belt Driven. 
    Belt drive is a necessity in order to overcome chain sea water corrosion.
  • Electric Jet Thruster Power Option.
    Transforms Sea-Bi into the first e-sea bike!
  • Functional Design. 
    SEA-Bi® is designed to cover multiple functions either for fun, business, fishing, and physical exercise.
  • Light and Safe. 
    SEA-Bi®’s weight is only 30 kg! Its flow stability is excellent, its structure is impact resistance and it’s safe to be used near swimmers.
  • Aluminum Structure. 
    SEA-Bi® i’s aluminum structure prevents rust and corrosion; therefor its life expectancy is long and its maintenance low and easy.
  • High Quality PVC Balloons material in Various Colors. 
    For, apart from stability and safety, we care about your good taste!
  • Big List of Accessories.
    Exciting and innovating accessories to choose from!
  • Easy Transportation.
    Utilizing the SEA-Bi® Easy Wheel Carrier System, the transportation of the bike on the ground and launching in and out of the sea is very easy, even by one person.
  • Low Maintenance.
    A simple rinsing with fresh water is more than enough to maintain the desired state of the bike. And for what comes out, our team of technicians will restore it to its original state!


  • Excellent and steady flow stability.
  • Rapid forward and backwards movement.
  • Normal speed of 8-12 Km per hour can be achieved.
  • The SEA-Bi® weight is only 30 kg.
  • Shallow water running, needs only 30 cm deep water.
  • Long life expectancy and easy maintenance.
  • Aluminum structure prevents rust and corrosion.
  • Impact resistance structure.
  • Absolutely safe to be used near swimmers.
  • Easy transportation system.