1. Mobile phone case stand.
  2. IPad holder stand.
  3. Hi End AKG Bluetooth headphones for wireless listening of your favorite music while cruising.
  4. GoPro Video and Photo Camera holder for shooting your unforgettable moments
  5. Theft alarm.
  6. Specially designed sun umbrella.
  7. Torch Holder Base.
  8. Fishing rod holder.
  9. Luxury leather seat.
  10. Garmin/Deeper Pro fish finder.
  11. Aluminum back rack system for extra storage space for your fishing accessories! A necessity for your fishing activities.
  12. Titanium Hi End pedals. Light weight with top sea rust proof properties to salt water.
  13. Belt drive option instead of chain drive.
  14. Front and back spot lights.
  15. Front and back night navigation lights.
  16. Innovating patented LED bottom sea-bed lights !! For unforgettable night bike cruising experience.
  17. GPS locator with SOS help function. In the event of emergency situation the biker can send its Google maps coordinates to the predefined phone number Parents also can locate any time their child in case of unexpected delay during the sea cycling activity.
  18. Oar option for extra safety.
  19. Anchor.
  20. Special design lithium battery. High power with low weight. The battery and the motor weights only 2.2 Kg.
  21. Our specially designed Jet Thruster with speed control and reverse gear for your fishing activities and an exciting motor cruising experience.
  22. Easy wheels carrier trailer system! Customer can choose back or front wheels system or both for extremely easy transportation. Easy and simple launching in and out of the water by ONLY one person.

In a Glance

PVC balloons material in various colors