Enjoy the summer with the new ​SEA-Bi® !

Ideal for

Fun and Leisure

Physical exercise

new hotel Sports activities

In a glance

  • Brand New Product
  • Highly attractive eye catching design
  • Fun to ride and very entertaining
  • Great for physical exercise
  • Depending on your body weight & speed an 85Kg person will burn about 700 calories/hour
  • Low and easy maintenance
  • Excellent After Sales Service and Support
  • Ideal for your Sports and Leisure Activities
  • A very big list of exciting and innovating accessoriesis available.
  • Excellent and Steady Flow Stability
  • Rapid Forward and Backwards Movement
  • Normal speed of 8-12 Km per hour can be achieved
  • Aluminium structure prevents rust and corrosion
  • High Quality PVC balloons material
  • Long Life Expectancy and Easy Maintenance
  • Shallow water Running. The SEA-Bi® needs only 0,30m deep water without damaging the balloons
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Impact resistance structure, safe to use near swimmers
  • The SEA-Bi® weight is only 30 Kgs
  • Utilizing the SEA-Bi® Easy Wheel Carrier System, the transportation of the bike on the ground and launching in and out of the sea is very easy even by one person